Powernaps for your PC.

Econap prevents the Windows 10 sleep mode while you're running a download, backup or any other process. The modern alternative to Caffeine and Don't Sleep.

Requires Windows 10 or newer.


The tool for effortless energy saving - without any interruptions!

Customizable sleep mode

Different settings for configuring the standby mode according to your personal needs!

One-time configuration

Once set up, you no longer have to worry about the standby mode

Background tool for Windows

You do not notice anything from Econap.

Standby Warning

Econap warns you before the system goes into standby.

Customize your standby

Threshold-Based sleep mode

Set thresholds for your system usage so Econap actually knows when you are not using your PC. No more guessing. Available metrics include:






Add Process Blockers

As long as at least one of your specified applications is active, the standby is prevented. Most frequently used applications are:


PDF Viewer

Music Player


Presentation Mode

Did you ever have your PC go to sleep during an important business presentation? Never get interrupted again thanks to Econap's built-in presentation mode that keeps your PC awake when you need it.

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Benefits of Econap

You can save energy during meetings, the lunch break, etc.

You no longer get interrupted during downloads or presentations.

Employees can work longer while travelling.

Econap automatically locks the PC if it has been forgotten.

Get more with Econap PLUS.

Extra features for gamers, power users and computer experts.

Fullscreen Blocker

Automatically detects fullscreen applications like games, video players, presentation for maximum comfort.

Manage Wake-Up devices

Toggle which devices can wake your computer up from sleep mode. Get full control of starting the standby AND waking up from it.

Game Controller Input

Econap can detect the input via game controllers. This ensures that your gaming sessions are not interrupted by the standby.

Check the documentation ->

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Econap plans

Econap Free improves your comfort and energy savings in your daily use.

With Econap Plus, you can enjoy the full range of configuration options for your standby mode.


Basic private use


  • System load measurement
  • Presentation mode
  • Audio playback detection


For gamers, experts and enterprises with up to 5 PCs

€9,99 lifetime

  • System load measurement
  • Presentation mode
  • Audio playback detection


  • Fullscreen detection
  • Game controller input
  • Manage wake-up devices
  • 1 year of support
  • Settings finetuning

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